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We have a Resident DJ and it is Starving Insect!

We decided that the best way for our members and guests get to know Alex aka Starving Insect was through a short interview.

Q: So, the news is spreading that Dekadance offered you the title and position as Resident of Dekadance. How did you respond and why?
A: I was incredibly honored by the offer! Being a part of the Dekadance community has been a significant part of my life for the past 13 years, both as a visitor and as an occasional DJ. It feels like a family to me. Playing at Dekadance is a unique experience compared to other gigs because I have a distinct sense of responsibility towards the crowd. When I was offered the opportunity to become the first official resident in many years, my answer was an enthusiastic YES. However, I'm also aware that with this position comes great power and responsibility...

Q: What drew you to play and become a DJ in the first place?
A: I started producing electronic music production in my early teens, and DJ:ing quickly followed. DJ:ing and producing is like two sides of the same coin: Creating tracks in the studio fuels my desire to test them on the dance floor, and performing in clubs consistently inspires fresh ideas for my productions. It's a continuous creative feedback loop that drives my passion.

Q: In three words, describe the perfect dancefloor vibe.
A: Cyberpunk Blood Rave.

Q: To those who haven't heard you play yet, what would you say is a typical Starving Insect set?
A: I have one foot in the Scandinavian EBM/synth scene and the other in the European hardcore rave scene. Depending on the crowd and the atmosphere I try to bridge the styles with varying emphasis. Sort of messy to summarize is a short DJ bio, but I can assure you it's consistently hard, dystopian and undeniably fun.

Q: Dekadance is almost 20 years old, what do you want to help bring to the events to come?
A: The music is an important part of the Dekadance experience, but not in the same way as a regular club or rave. Sometimes nights are sold out long before the DJ lineup is even announced. The Deka crowd is extremely loyal but also extremely demanding. The music is expected to drive the dance floor, but also to help generate that vague but particular Dekadance atmosphere for everyone who's not dancing. With the right music the rubber somehow becomes shinier and the darkrooms filthier. As the Resident I will also be directly involved in future DJ bookings and I want to refine the Dekadance atmosphere, make it more consistent and reliable.

Q: Any last thoughts you wish to share? Like, you record music as well as DJ?
A: I do indeed! I've been releasing hard electronic music since 2005. My next release is called "Wisdom From The Waste", a 12" collab with Dutch hardcore legend Catscan. 4 massive "millennium style" hardcore tracks, including our recent underground hit "The Rainmaker". It will be available on August 25th via PRSPCT Recordings.

Of course, the social media bit:
Wisdom From The Waste: https://prspctrecordings.bandcamp.com/.../wisdom-from-the...
Starving Insect on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/5dMdmv9mlV3gbsCoLKQWh8...
Facebook: facebook.com/starvinginsect
Instagram: instagram.com/starvinginsect
Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/starvinginsect

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